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I have trouble ordering online, or see it very complicated.

Do not worry, send us a email and we take note of your order.

I can trust that will arrive my vinyl adhesive?

In Decotmx guarantee 100% that your order will arrive. In 2010 we started our project and all our customers haves their order.

How secure payment methods?

Paypal is one of the most secure payment systems, providing the claim if the product has not been received.

How long does it really to get my order?

If your order is in stock, we will ship the day after receiving payment, so from then you should not take more than 7 or 10 days.

If your order is not in stock,  the order can take 14-18 days.

If we exceed this time from our negligence, we will send another vinyl of your choice completely free of charge.

What if my order does not arrive?

Send us a email and we inform you of the status of your order. And remember that if we exceed the 18 working days from our negligence we will send you another free vinyl.

My product arrived damaged, what should I do and what guarantees do I have?

The first thing to do is inform us, send a photo of the problem with the sticker to us. We verify that the problem comes from the factory or the submission process, we will send another adhesive free.

Is difficult to apply the adhesive?

No, just be patient and do it carefully. In this link you will see a video of how the adhesive paste easily:

I am pasting the adhesive and is giving me many problems.

The adhesive is very easy to hit but if you get problems, do not worry, contact with us immediately on Skype (decotmx) and we will guide you so you can apply the adhesive with no problem.

How long is the duration of a vinyl?

We offer a warranty of one year, provided care is taken with the instructions, but the vinyl is approximately 8 years. We use high quality vinyl from the best brands and the impression is of excellent quality as well.

Can be easily removed?

Yes, and with a cloth with the same product used to clean the Thermomix, you can remove any residue if left.

Can I change the stickers?

Yes, you can put the stickers you want, bearing in mind that each adhesive has a single use, so if you paste it, once you remove it, you can not reuse, but may take another.

With the heat, humidity, etc.. the Thermomix does not break down the adhesive?

No, adhesives are made from high quality vinyl. Vinyl is a material used for car signs, shop signs, enduring cold, heat, rain, humidity, etc ...Undergoes normal wear of any product and is not affected by these factors in the Thermomix.

How long do I have to let stand the adhesive to reuse the Thermomix?

At 3 hours should be sufficient, but we recommend a full day so that it adheres well to the surface and no problems.

I need the vinyl for a specific date, what should I do?

If you need the vinyl for a specific date, within 18 working days may, or sending urgent request or contact us to find out if we have it in stock and we offer solutions.

I have the idea of doing a custom design, but let me explain how I would like and that you should do the design.

If you want a special design, you get the idea, but do not have photos, nothing happens, inform us your idea and we'll do the design as close as it can be to your idea. This requires a custom order of 22 Euros.

I am a presenter and would like to give to my customers with your product, is there any promotion?

We always have promotions for Thermomix presenters, call us on 91 101 7004 or write to Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla and we'll keep you current promotions

I want to be a distributor of your products, it is possible?

Yes, we have a wide distribution network, and looking forward to having more distributors of our product.

The adhesive that I heard not the same as the one pictured.

All adhesives are identical to the simulations shown in the store, sometimes there might be some small modification due to the court to the machine, but not by changing the drawing scale

If you are unhappy with the result of printing, we can change the adhesive on the other, whenever we return the original, with the shipping charge.

I don´t like the product, I want my money back

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the product, we will refund the money as long as the adhesive is first returned, shipping charges paid by the customer. Once it is found that the adhesive is in perfect condition we will proceed to refund the amount.