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Decotmx began operations in October 2010, selling stickers to decorate the Thermomix only in Spain.

Today, we distribute the Thermomix adhesives worldwide and we have distributors in some of the countries with the largest park in the world Thermomix.


At first, we were just on the computer and Samuel Castellá Omar. Undertake never easy but with enthusiasm for the project, to do something different the project began in the fall of 2010.

To our surprise our product was very well received and sales volume rose rapidly and the recognition of the idea began to reach both customers and media related to the world of the Thermomix.

The acceptance of our product we did ask to try their luck in other countries, because although Spain is among the countries with the most number of Thermomix at home, there are countries where this food processor also has a great success.


We publish our website in English and French, and the results were immediate. We got to the public in other countries would be interested in our product and market penetration expanded.

Today countries like Australia or France, are about 50-60% of our monthly market and help this project is consolidated every day more and more.

We continue to innovate ...

In spring 2012 we expanded our project and moved the idea of ??decorating the Nespresso machines, today Decofi already beginning to take shape and sales are also reaching international markets and good acceptance in the public.

But we continue to innovate and in Fall 2012 will bring more fresh ideas than vinyl reach all households.



Samuel Castellá. Creator with Omar that Decotmx project. Specialist graphic design and marketing is responsible for creating the new collections, web maintenance and shop, and advertising campaigns to publicize the brand Decotmx. It is also responsible for all contacts with distributors.
Omar Castellá. With its extensive experience in project development, is another cornerstone in Decotmx, bringing all their knowledge in online marketing and the world of the Thermomix. Also with over 10 years of experience in advertising, working with Samuel to take all actions Decotmx advertising.

Sandra Llaca. It is the responsibility of the department of management and customer service, as well as contact with English-speaking customers.

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